Who is VGS?

VGS was established in 2011 by a group of passionate and committed experts, each with decades of experience in supplying state of the art ticketing systems and ticket distribution services to the tier one leisure, entertainment and cultural businesses worldwide.  From the beginning, VGS has been devoted to perfecting the most advanced ticketing platform - leveraging on the founders' incomparable market experience and on the latest technology standards. The enthusiasm of the VGS team combined with their expertise and desire for true innovation, makes it a unique group of professionals ready to quickly and accurately respond to your needs – today and for the years to come.


What makes us different?

We are forward thinkers. We partner with you to complete your digital transformation by combining our expertise and proficiency in innovating processes with our implementation of the latest business logics. Most importantly, we care about your guests as much as you do. At its very core - our entire business is based on granting unforgettable experiences at some of the most exciting and memorable places on the planet. Why not have some fun with it? 


Enjoy Innovation

Here at VGS, we constantly remind each other to “Enjoy Innovation.” This phrase speaks to the fact that we love what we do and find joy in creating new and innovative ways to build useful and simple solutions for you and your guests. It also speaks to the fact that our customers enjoy the multitude of options, detailed analytics and technical simplicity offered by our innovative solutions. Finally, it is your guests who really value the innovations as we partner with you to create new and easier ways for them to enjoy the experience.